Filter RG "more than" xx years of experience?


I’m trying to filter a repeating group with candidates for a job. The user should be able to filter the group after experience/years of experience. The user can use a dropdown to choose the least amount of years of experience, i.e. > 1 year, > 2 years, > 3 years, etc. The “years of experience” is an option set with a a number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc).

But when I try to set it up in the repeating group it doesn’t work. Why? This is what I’m doing.
Search for Candidates.
Experience > Dropdown Experience’s value.

What I’m I doing wrong? I also tried to add an attribute to each option in the experience option set. So the option 1 also have a number attribute that is also 1. But when I try to do “Experience > Dropdown Experience’s Value Number” I get an error message saying that it should be experience but right now is a number.

Hi there, @jacob.franss… if you can share some screenshots, it would be easier to help, but it sounds like the issue is your Experience field on the Candidate data type is not a number field. It sounds like it might be a field that is linked to another data type called experience, and if that is correct, I’m not sure why you would have set it up like that.

Anyway, if what I guessed above is correct, delete the existing Experience field and create a new one that has a field type of number. After you do that, what you tried with the option set attribute should work.

Hope this helps.