Filter RG with two different data types

One of the data types is User.

The other data typ is Job. The job includes fields JobTitle JobDescription, JobYears, JobUser. Each job can only have one user since the Job is actually job experience.

I want to be able to search for Users in a repeating group. The Repeating group is searching for Users as it should, and I have a few filters to it already that works fine. But I want to be able to have a dropdown with JobTitles (JobTitle is an Option Set). So I want to be able to filter the RG of Users on JobTitle. How do I do this? I’ve tried ‘intersect with’ and ‘advanced’ but I can’t get it to work.

Please help.

Ideally would have the Job as a field on the user, then you can filter by this users job title = filter param. Does that make sense?

I have that too, but it doesn’t work as I want. Because then each User will have a list of Jobs. So when I add job as a constraint I can only choose “Job contains”, while I would want it to be “Job’s JobTitle is…” if that makes sense?

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So something like this yeah?

You pull your list, then do a filter, advanced, then this is evaluating that this project (user)'s list of blockchains (jobs) contains this chain (title) which is an optionset

Thanks, but it doesn’t work. I did what you did but the Dropdown is greyed out for some reason? I can’t choose it.

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I think you would need to go: this users job experience each items job title contains: then select the filter input ?

Almost there! The only issue left now is that if the dropdown is empty, no results show up. I checked the box “ignore empty constraints” but it still doesn’t work


not 100% sure but I think adv filter might have issues with ignoring constraints? How many filters like this will there be?

Only this one and MAYBE one more if possible.

In that case the easiest method could be to have a conditional rule on the RG. If dropdowns value isnt empty, data source = then the data source with that constraint, etc. I’m sure there are some other ways to do this and you can continue to refine it over time, but that could be a good start for your MVP

Thank you! That works.

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