Filter Search Results


I am creating a search results page. I have added to the page a repeating group that displays the results of the search.

Currently I am trying to enable through the use of a checkbox for the user to select the features of a property and have the search results display properties with the selected features.

To begin I have four different “features” which in reality are property types. I have successfully enabled the app to display the properties when one checkbox is selected. Also when the “feature” is deselected the search results refresh.

The problem I am having is that when I have two “features” selected at the same time, the search results do not display any results.

How can I enable the results to display correctly when I have more than one “feature” selected?

The other problem is that when I have two “features” selected and then deselect one the results are refreshed, so the remaining selected feature is no longer being used to filter the results.