Filter Using Tags

I’m having trouble trying to do a search using a tag as the basis of a new search.

The main database has a Field PostTag (Related to Tag Table)
The secondary database that holds the Tag has a Field TagPost (Related To Post Table)

When a Post is uploaded to the database the tags are sent to the Tag Database.

When I call the Posts in a RG the Tags appear inside that RG in another RG set to Tags.

No problem there.

What I want to do is click on a Tag and a new RG shows only the Posts that contain the unique tag.

Could someone give me a lift with how to do this please.


You can add to a DB of Tags a field Posts ( List of Posts), so when a user clicks that tag, a backend will call all posts related to this tag

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At present my DB of Tags Fields for Posts is NOT List of Posts it is just Posts.

Thanks for the help. I will try again this time using a Field List of Posts.

It if works I will come back and mark your post as the solution.


here are an example

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Working on your reply right now. Thanks.

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