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It seems to me that is kind of bug because I was doing the same thing before and everything was working perfectly.

Task: Create Filter of a Repeating group which show results with a values matched in CS list.
Approach: use filtered Advanced with intersect with operator
What I have:

  • CSs as a list of chosen by a User values (Screen 1)
  • List of different locations in my DB (Screen 2)

So, I need to filter by location and display cards in a RG with location chosen in a CS list.

It seemed to me that it should a VALUE at the end of my expression. But, did not suggest to add a value so I thought it was not necessary.

Questions: Why my expression does not work?

If you want the the job-roles to show up if it has at least 1 location in common, add > 0 after :count

It needs a yes/no expression right now you have a number

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