Filtered List shows empty results

Hi all,
I´ve got a list filter who is looking in DB´s “imgTags” field for a tag-list and filteres it by an input´s value. This is working fine:

Need help

But as soon as I add another constraint in different ways, eg. compare imgList (existing DB Field) with imgList (State) there are no results:

Anyway, the state has the same value as it is written in the DB. Thank you guys for any ideas.

If it’s not showing any results, it’s because there are no matching entries.

So, if you were expecting some results, then perhaps you’re missing some data somewhere (for example the imgLib state - have you confirmed it’s not empty when applying the filter?)

Or it could just be that there are no matches - your filter will show only entries who’s tags contain the search values, AND who’s imgLib also matches your custom state (not one or the other) - so that’s a pretty narrow search criteria, so if nothing matches both criteria nothing will display.

Without knowing more I can’t suggest any other possibilities, so if it’s neither of those things them some more info might help shed some light on the issue.

Thank you very much. When an element is clicked (which I did), the value of the search is set:

Thus, I made sure values are set in both fields: