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:filtered without intersect


I wonder how I can do this.

Let’s say I want to display in the same Repeating Group all the blue items from a BrandA AND all the red items from a BrandB.
My data source is BrandA’s List of Items :filtered(color=blue) MERGED WITH BrandB’s List of Items :filtered(color=red).

However the last “:filtered” filters the whole expression like if it was
[ BrandA’s List of Items:filtered(color=blue) MERGED WITH BrandB’s List of Items] :filtered(color=red).
So the result gives only the red items of the BrandB.

Does someone know how to do or have a trick ?

Have a good day, world !

Yes, since our expressions don’t have parenthesis it’s sometimes a bit tricky. What you can do is to store the list in some states, and merge these custom states instead (or put them in some hidden repeating groups). It’s a bit hacky, but that’ll do it until we have parenthesis.

Also, try to put constraints at the search level as much as you can, it’s much faster performance wise.