Filtering a list of text data before adding to a Thing

I’m using the “data:filtered” option to filter data from an RG as part of a workflow.
Unfortunately whatever I try in the workflow doesn’t work. Would appreciate any suggestions!

My setup is as follows:

Data in an RG: AB:123, AB:321, BA:123, BA:123
List of text in a Thing acting as the filter: AB, BC, CD

My ideal workflow is as follows: Because AB:1234 & AB:321 contains AB,BC,or CD, they pass through the filter. However, because there’s no BA in the filter list, BA:123 & BA:321 don’t pass through the filter.

I’ve tried two options. Option 1, using Bubble’s workflow “contains” option in the filter. However, this method only allows me to check if AB, BC, or CD “contain” AB:123 iterating through to BA:321, which obviously doesn’t get desired results.


In option 2, I’m doing it the correct way around - AB:123 “contains” AB, BC, or CD – but for some reason i can only do this per filter value in the list in the Thing. And if the item in the field is empty, ie, here in the example, Prefix is “empty” from Item#4, BA:123 & BA:321 pass through the filter, no matter if the other prefixes don’t contain BA.

Split the text into appropriate lists and use “intersects with” against the two lists.

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