Filtering a repeating group according to a related data type

Hi ! I am developing a properties booking app similar to Airbnb or Booking, and the doubt I have is how to list the available properties according to the check-in and check-out dates input.

I have two data types related:

  1. Property (name, size, . . . .)
  2. Bookings (check-in, check-out, booking-range, Property, . . . . . )

So when a user inputs a date-range (“check-in” and “check-out” dates), I need to show in a repeating group all the Properties available, (all properties which Bookings’s booking-range doesn’t overlap with the input date-range).

Any suggestion on how to perform the Search for that repeating group is very welcome.



Try Search for Properties :minus list Search for Bookings’ :each item’s Property. Make sure to add a condition to check if the booking date overlaps with a specified date range on the Booking search.

Thanks very much @mikolaj, that seems to be the ideal solution !