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Filtering a RG by a User's Thing's data

This has probably being asked before, but I can’t find a solution to my problem.
I have a repeating group containing a list of Users.
The Users have a list of Qualifications which may/may not have an expiry date.
I would like to filter the RG based on the qualifications that expire within a certain period.
The period is determined based on an integer input field.


I just keep trying the same thing and can’t see a way of fixing this.
Would really appreciate any help on this one. Thanks.


I would create a relationship datatype and then use it as my data source. Here, if you prefer, you can use the field creator instead of duplicating the field user:

Then, you can use “is in” instead of “contains”:

I hope this helps!

Thanks for replying @mateusproto.
I’m still fairly new to Bubble so your explanation has gone over my head unfortunately.

At the moment my User’s have Qualifications linked back to them as per the screenshot below.
Are you suggesting that I create a new Thing “UserQualification”?

Forgive my ignorance, but I’m not sure how that would work, considering I’m trying to use the expiry date as a filter in the repeating group.


You are welcome! Don’t worry we are here to help.

Yes, you understood correctly, create a new thing called “UserQualification”. It is going to have the User (or Creator) field linked with the “User” datatype and the Qualification field linked with “Qualification” datatype:

PS - Here you will need to change how do you save the users qualification in your workflow.

Then you follow these steps:

1st. Type of content will be “User” however the Data source now will be “UserQualification”:

2nd. You will filter the Qualification value that “is in” the results of the “Qualification” search, here you will apply the Expiry Date filter.

3rd. After that you will display the User’s field result of the “UserQualification” search.

Please, if you have any doubt let me know.

Thanks for your patience @mateusproto .
I’m now struggling with the workflow to create a UserQualification.
I have a form for Users to complete and then submit, the first workflow action creates the Qualification, the second action changes to the current User to add the Qualification to their list of Qualifications.
I tried to use the following action to change the UserQualification but it didn’t work for me.


Do you know what I should do for this?


Sorry for the late reply! Please, don’t worry if you have more questions.

You will need to take care of these this way:

  • Create a new qualification: You will need to create a new “Qualification” and after that you will need to create a new “UserQualification” with the the result of the created “Qualification” in qualification field and the user in the user fields.

  • Change a qualification: You don’t need to change anything in the “UserQualification” thing because they are linked, just update the fields in the “Qualification” thing

  • Delete a qualification: You need to delete first in the “UserQualification” thing and after in the “Qualification” thing

  • Remove a qualification from some user: You need to delete in the “UserQualification” thing searching for the qualification and user first item

I hope this helps!

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