Filtering based on checkboxes populated from database

I am building a marketplace to rent out motorcycles. I am looking to firstly, populate a list of checkboxes in the search page so that people can filter by brand of motorcycle. Then, after the list is populated (determined by what brands/strings are added in the database), filter the motorcycles so that it shows every different combination. Eg, all boxes ticked, all motorcycles show. When Motorcycle brand A isn’t ticked, it shows everything except motorcycle A.

The advice I have seen so far seems way over the top, adding two different work flows for each checkbox etc. And the checkboxes are manually added. I’m looking for something dynamic.

If you search the forum for “how to set up a search page” as well as “how to set parameter as a list”, those two tips I posted should help you.

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cool thank you will check!

Below probably covers the same thing as Boston is saying…

Set up your checkboxes in a repeating group that is populated by your set of motorcycle types (which should be either a datatype or option set). That way, the workflow you set up for a checkbox applies to all.

See this post for more info: