Filtering by category selected in the homepage

Hello everyone,

I have an homepage with a list of job posts, each job posts is composed by ‘job-title’ and ‘category’. With category I mean for example ‘data-science’.

My goal here is to make the user click on ‘Apply’, once the user clicked on the button will be redirect to a quiz page, the quiz will related to the category. So if the user clicks on a job post that is part of the category ‘data science’ will be redirected to the quiz made for the ‘data science’ category.

In order to send data from the homepage to the quiz page I used ‘’ send new parameter’’ and if I get the text from ‘’ get from page URL ‘’ it matches but I can’t display the quiz.

The goal is to display questions related to the category of the job post clicked, not all of them. Even if I do ‘’ search for Questions, then insert a constrain’’ It doesn’t work.

What am I missing?

Thank you

Hi there, @mattiapvt… I would have to test this, but try a constraint where category equals a search for JOB CATEGORY'S:first item with a constraint on that search where category equals get job-category from page URL.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc, thanks for your answer and amazing it works! What’s the logic/reasoning behind this action? I’ve never thought about the JOB CATEGORY’S**:first item**

Thank you so much for your help!

The logic is that you are trying to get a quiz that has the same category as a selected job, so you have to find a quiz where its category is the first item in the JOB CATEGORY data type where the category is the job’s category, and you are sending the latter as a parameter in the URL.

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Okok, got it! thanks so much for the help!

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