Filtering Data to send to another set of pages

I am creating a project management app so I want to create a multi-step form to capture the data on each project. Then I would like to create a list of projects on a separate page that I can use to link back to each project’s workflow.

Right now, I would like to pick a project from the list and send the data to a template page. However, every item of data from every project is being pulled up on that page. Is there a way to filter the data on the template page so that only the project I picked from the list appears?

If this template page you mentioned is separate from the list of projects page, then you need to add a Type of Content to the template page. In this case, I assume it would be “Project” or something like that.

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 7.58.02 AM

Then when you click on a project within your list of projects, your workflow should take you to this template page and pass the selected project as the data source for the template page.

I did set the page content type to “construction projects”. However it is still capturing both projects in the database. do you think there is something wrong with the way I’m sending data?

This is how the page is set

This how the data is being sent from the list page

Here, you should be sending one “Construction Project” to the estimating_review page (which I assume is the template page). Right now, you’re sending a unique id. No need for that.

I don’t believe you’re structuring your page data properly. I’m seeing “Construction Project’s: each item”. That means you’re querying a list of “Construction Projects” instead of just displaying an individual Construction Project.

I can investigate a bit more if you share your editor link (set your app’s security setting to Everyone can view).

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