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Filtering Map Results through Multiple Toggles

Hey guys!

Firstly, just wanted to thank anyone who has taken the time to jump into this topic, much appreciated!

I’m having a hard time working out how I can filter this map, and any help would be greatly appreciated…

To start, I have a reseller data type, that contains:

  1. Boolean (On-grid)
  2. Boolean (Off-grid)
  3. Reseller Address
  4. Boolean (Premium)

I have a map that shows the location of resellers and I’d love to be able to filter this map by whether or not these booleans are true or false…

However, where I am having trouble is working out the following:

If the reseller is both an on-grid and off-grid reseller, and only on-grid is selected true, I’d like them to still appear… However, if the premium toggle is selected, I would only like premium resellers to appear.

Any ideas?

I have attached a screenshot for reference to the toggles.

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