Filtering on a "grandchildren" data set


I’m looking to filter a repeated group on a criteria that is not of the type of the data type of this group - essentially an SQL “where” on another data type.

Basically, my database looks like that : I have a data type “materials”, that has a field “theme” (which is also a data type), and each “theme” has an option set “season” (winter or summer).

I want to create a filter where I only display the “Material” type in my repeated group WHERE the season FOR this material’s theme is the value of my radio button.

What I’ve done so far is a filter “theme = do a search for THEME where SEASON = radiobutton’s value” . But the builder expects another element that is not of the type “value” (note that I have another filter on “theme” above that works well).

I can only choose options such as “count” or “contains” but I just want to display all instances of theme where theme’s season = radiobutton’s value.

Am I missing something here ?

  1. also, on the theme of advanced filters, I want to use images as inputs, meaning that when someone clicks on the image with the sun, the group filters on “summer” for example. But
    a) I can’t find an input where I could add an image and
    b) if I were to use an image, since there’s not text, I don’t see how I could “tell” the filter to sort on a text value where an image is selected.

Is that possible ?

Thanks a ton :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there, @lao… if I understand your post correctly, you need to use an advanced filter to do what you described, and the filter would look like this.

If you haven’t used an advanced filter before, the Advanced option is at the bottom of the dropdown that appears when you add a constraint to the filter. Also, keep in mind that advanced filters happen on the client (browser) side. So, the search is going to return all of the items in the Material data type to the browser, and then the filter will be applied (which could affect performance, of course).

As for your second question, sorry, but I have no idea. I assume you would have to use some sort of AI voodoo on that one. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that worked ! I have no idea why this feature is in advanced though, it doesn’t make sense to me

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