Filtering problem

Hi all,
I have a problem with filtering.
When I search for “nome struttura” I have right list but if I search for name Creators I haven’t that I want. I attached some screenshot to explain better this prioble.
Someone can help me to fix it or have a suggestions?
this is link:

Thank very much :slight_smile:

Hi, someone could help me to fix this problem? I don’t Know I don’t know anymore what I can do. Thank very much for any suggestions :slight_smile:

As a first step, check that privacy rules aren’t blocking anything.

The “Any field” from condivisione won’t search inside the “Creator” field, because the Creator is a type User, not text… What you need to do is to add a :filter afterwards and make a
Advanced: This Condivisione’s Creator’s (field) contains input Search’s value

Bye the way, in this kind of search filter the capitalized letters matter, so if it’s recorded as “Mario” and you search for “mario” it won’t find it.

If you want to make the search faster, you may consider add a field inside the “Condivisione” data that puts the text from the creator, for example “name”

When create new Condivisione → name = Current User’s (field you want to search)

thank for your answer but the privacy rules are ok. Maybe …I risolve it! :slight_smile:

thank for your answer but the privacy rules are ok. Maybe …I risolve it! :slight_smile:

I’ve opted for the second way (I created a new field (type text) in User as nomeCreator) and so I’ve finally fix the problem !! thank very very much!! :wave:

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