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Filtering repeating group of users for a field from a different data type

Hi there.

I’m building my first app and I am trying to learn using videos and the forums as much as possible but I am stuck.

My repeating group is a list of users who are parents. They create profiles of their children, housed in a child data type (ie not the user data type). I want to filter the list of parents based on characteristics of their kids (their ages - which are calculated from their date of birth and stored in the child data type).

I’m happy to answer any questions, I am sure my explanation isn’t sufficient.

Thanks for the help!

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@terrence_hibbert welcome to the community!

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Thank you for the quick response. I’ve seen this video and I think the part about searching for teams highlights where my confusion is. In his database, his user data type has a field called Team of the type Team. He is able to put the person’s team in the repeating table and search on it.

I think my issue might be with the database. If my users have created more than 1 child profile, they would have multiple kids with multiple ages. I haven’t been able to link multiple childrens’ ages to the user in the database so that I can use it as a filter option in the repeating group. How would I do that?


Perhaps if you share a screenshot of your data types and fields folks could chime in an easier way

That makes sense, thanks for your time… unfortunately they’re kind of a mess (did I mention it’s my first app?)

Here are my data types:

Within Child Profiles (remembering that each user can set up several child profiles) I have a field called childAge

Within User I created a field called childrenAges, hoping that I could assemble each user’s child(ren)'s age(s), but I don’t know how to do that. If, for example a user has 3 kids aged 12, 10 and 8, there would be 3 child profiles and I’d want all 3 ages in childrenAges.

I’d love to know how I can do that. If that’s not possible, I’m sure there must be another way to filter a list of users for a range of ages of a user’s children.

I hope this helps!

This may not be timely anymore. But some thoughts. I can’t solve the entire problem but I feel as if this post will get you closer Advanced filter - multi constraints context - #3 by romanmg

I will specifically highlight a portion of that link as follows:

“Contains” should be used for List value contains single value or Text string contains word
“Contains list” should be used for List value contains (an entire) separate list value
“Is In” should be used for Single value is found in a list value
“Isn’t In” should be used for Single value is not found in a list value
" = " should be used for exact matches
“Intersects with” should be used to see if two list values overlap

Are you looking for a) perfect matches of 2 separate lists (3 out 3, 1 out 1 etc) or b) partial matches of a single variable/constraint (ie “age”) inside a list (1 out of 3)?

I believe you are matching a single variable against a list (ie partial matches). Thus for Partial Matches, then the “is in” expression is what you need (ie filtering a list of parents based on a single child yearly age selection). Alternatively if you are matching multiple variables against a list, than you would prob need to 1) temp store the multiple variables (ages 12, 10 & 8) selected by whoever is searching in a custom state list of numbers and 2) use the “intersect with” option comparing the custom state list TO THE relevant list (ie list of users’ ‘childrenAges’ list)