Filtering results depending on a sub-data types data field


I’m currently stuggeling with filtering a list.
The case (as an example):

  • two datatypes: test and test_user
  • test hast the datafield name of the type: text
  • test has the datafield referred_test_user of the type: list of test_users
  • the test_user has the datafield opinion of the type: text. For this field the two values Top and Flop will be inputed (can be more)

I now want to create a repeating group which displays the name of each test filtered by the point that only test’s are viable, whos/any of its referred_test_user’s data field opinion has the value Top.
There can be multiple test_user’s for one test. So searching for me by looking at all test_user didn’t work since duplicates would appear for the user’s name.

Thanks in advance for the help.



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