Filtering RG based on matched data in 2 different API lists

Hi everyone and thanks in advance.

New bubbler and I have what seems should be easy but I can’t nut it out.

I have 2 API calls mapped in the API connecter that function correctly.

  1. List Objects
  2. List Items

The 2 returned results have various fields but the most important for this are the following:

  1. List Objects {uuid, reference}
  2. List Items {uuid, related_object_uuid}

Each object can contain many items but each object is a single unique item.

I want the user to input a reference into a text box (i.e 1234) it will then return that objects associated uuid, then filter a repeating group of List Items based on the related_object_uuid matching the returned uuid of the reference input by the user.

It seems so trivial but I just can’t nut it out.

I basically want to do an XLOOKUP in excel lol. Like XLOOKUP(reference, in List Objects, return uuid) then for the repeating group, Filter results by related_object_uuid = uuid.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I found a faster method as the API endpoint supported filtering, so was able to convert one API connection to an ACTION and the other as DATA but used the API Providers Endpoint Filtering provided parameters from the first ACTION to filter the DATA.

Fast and efficient.

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