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Filtering RG based on value within a different data "Type" (table)

Let’s see if I can stump EVERYONE, or if someone will be able to solve this mystery…

I have a repeating group. It is showing a list of “Things” based on current User ID, and is grouped by one of the fields within that thing, finding a sum based on that grouping. That much is working perfectly.

The thing is I need to introduce one more critical piece of logic. I only want a Thing to show up if it has a status of “Active” within a different data Type (table).

Ideally, the logic would read something like this:

Search for “Thing”:grouped by “Field”:filteredby [value within field of different data Type which has a cooresponding ID to the things being grouped together]

Get it?

You might be wondering why this “status” value can’t just be stored in the same data Type. There is an answer for this. The data Type in question has many, many Things all with the same name (or ID) because it serves as an open-ended log to capture entries, which (forgive the repetition) is then displayed based on a :grouped by with a “sum”. Confused yet? Me too. PLEASE help :).

Any takers?

Hi @ben13 :slight_smile: When using “filtered” at the end of the “Search for Actual Activity Goals:grouped by Act ID” expression, have you tried setting up an “Advanced:” constraint? The main downside to that would be that advanced filtered constraints are much slower in comparison to adding the constraint in the Do a Search for Actual Activity Goals query. Even though the “Active” value is set in a field on the other data type, it may make sense to store/update it on both data types so you can utilize the value as a constraint in the Do a Search for Actual Activity Goals query.

Hi! I came across this post as I’m having a similar problem. Did you ever find a solution?

Essentially I’m making a book searching app where people tick checkboxes accordng to genre, age group, etc, and a RG on the right changes to bring up books which fit into those categories.

Currently I have two data types. “Search” which is created when the user loads the pages, and is updated with “yes/no” whenever the user ticks a box. The second is “Books” which has the same set of fields for each individual book, and has “yes/no” in the relevant columns.

I’m trying to make the :filter for the RG where each “book” has a constraint where it must be equal to the equivalent column in the “search”.

Hey, use custom states. Put a custom state on the RG for type of book you are looking for. and then place the books in a checklist. and upon clicking the checklist just update the custom state and set up your RG result based on the custom state value :slight_smile: