Filtering RG by Tag

I know there are a ton of threads on this. I’ve watched all the YouTube Tutorials as well.

Is there a definitive way to do this?

My current situation:
Have a list of Items that can only have one tag.

DB setup:
Data type: ITEM
Type name for ITEM: Tag (text)

I have a RG of ITEMS

Another RG of ITEMS tags on top for users to filter the ITEM RG.

I set the state of the page to text and when the state isn’t empty I update the data source of ITEMS to only show the ITEMS who’s tag is selected.

Problem: Multiple tags show up in the ITEM tag RG. I played around with group by and Filter but cannot get it to only show the tag once even if it is on multiple ITEMS.

I’ve tried child data types of tag and just about every combo.

I’m sure this is annoying but I need your help. Please!

Thank you Bubble Community!

Traditionally I would have used an option set but the USER is inputting their desired tag.

Photos (hope this helps):


RG ITEMS - tags:

Could you share some screenshots of how your RG looks like?

Like the aesthetic/design?

A better questions may be… Is there anyway I can filter the tag repeating group so it doesn’t display duplicate tags?

:unique elements doesn’t work

In this example, I would like Jumanji to only appear one time. Lol


Everything else works perfectly and is super fast. I’m hoping I can do it this way.

The error in my thinking is they are not actually duplicates. I could have the ITEM be a child of the tag… I’ll give that a go. But if anyone has any info or a tutorial they can share, that would be awesome

Legend @mikeloc comes through again!


I changed my tag to type text and search the notes-tag in a custom state.

Only took a few hours!

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