Filtering rg nested in rg

I have built a feature which is similar to notion.

I allow users to add rich text content via a plugin, but also allow users to add content from the database such as task boards.

I have a data type called page and a page has a list of sections (another data type). A section can be text using the plugin, a list of goals, a scorecard, or a task board.

When i display a “page” in the app, I set a state to store the page and display the data using a repeating group with data type section and data source is the state’s page section list.

If a user adds a task board, i use a hidden variable with a repeating group that is the boards task list and i have set up daisy chain filtering.

The question i have is how can i manage 2 page sections, both with task boards independently?

As a user i add 2 different task boards to my page. I also want to filter data in task board 1 without impacting data set in task board 2.

Would i need to create 2 repeating groups in the hidden variable? Then add conditions of page section with task board 1, and page section with task board 2…

Is there a better way of doing this that is more dynamic and scalable? I don’t know how many task boards a user might want to add to a page, and using my solution above i would have to provision a certain number.

See screen recording of current behaviour: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom