Filtering RG w/ checkboxes – fix order of operations?

I’d like to check if an object’s tags contain “Business (Marketing)” and “Business (Sales)” but when I check both boxes, it seems to look like the order of operations matters (as in I must check “Business (sales)” before “Business (Marketing)” to show objects that contain both) and I want to fix that.

I assume it has to do with the fact that an object’s tags are a ‘List of Texts’ and the order of which the tags are added to the ‘List of Texts’ but I’m not sure how to get around that

Like if an objects tags are “Business (Sales), Business (Marketing)” the workflows must add item “Business (Sales)” to custom state before “Business (Marketing)”

Video of what’s going on

Can you share an image of your workflow? And the actions you are using?

Do you need to put the tag’s name in the order they were clicked? Or you just need to show that both were checked?!