Filtering RG With Secondary Data Type

Hi, I have an RG with the data source Stores. In this data type, there’s a data field called store_products and this is a list of the data type stores_products.

In the stores_products data type, there’s a field called ‘product_name’.

I have been trying to use an input box’s value (Content Format: text) to search through this RG of stores, by matching the input box’s value to all the stores that have store products matching the input.

I really can’t figure out how to fix this, I’ve tried making a customer state of the page that is a list of ‘stores_products’, tried used the ‘Advanced’ filtering to ‘Do a Search for Stores_Products’ but the nature of the data type and input value just aren’t recognizing each other.

Please help!!!

Using :filtered with advanced: This store product’s:filtered product name contain (or contain words or equal according to what you want):count > 0

@Jici was really hoping that would work, but when put in a key word into the input box, i get a full list of my stores.

Would this be because I’m searching using a text which is different than the data field stores_products (this is a list of stores_products)?

Can you share your search settings for the RG? (all steps)

Sure! There is just one step one a user clicks the ‘search’ icon.

And what did you set in filtered for the store products?

Sorry, totally missed that:

I tried using ‘contains’ earlier and that’s when I got a full list of stores as if no filter was applied. When I use ‘=’, then no stores show up in the RG.

Contains is more flexible than contain words. You can try this too

Another option
Advanced (in search for store filtered) This store’s store_products:intersect with Do a search store product (where name contain/= or contains words search input’s value):count > 0

I ended up trying 'contains keyword(s) as: ‘subproduct-name contains keyword(s) input - search’ and that did the trick!

Thanks for the help @Jici slight_smile:

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@Jici was wondering if you could help me with a similar issue.

When users search by a category, I want to have a menu that will filter automatically to show the items (store products) based off the category being searched (eg, search = E-Bike, store product = ETranscend Three Wheeler).

And each store product is associated to a category in the DB, but i’m having trouble figuring our the filtering logic as I’ve tried a similar method that you provided above but no luck.

This is what my RG’s setting looks like:

Thank you!