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Filtering the RG List:count

I’m building a classified ads platform. On the search page you can either search by ads category, by keyword - or both combined.

All search results are displayed in a repeating group:

Old ads that have been closed are also displayed (these are greyed out). They are marked as ‘closed = yes’

I want to display the number of ads founds in the results, but only want to count the open ads, rather than all of them, however I only seem to be able to take a count of the entire RG (you will notice the number ‘7’ in the screenshot above, when there are actually only 2 live ads available):

CleanShot 2022-02-03 at 22.04.41@2x

Is there a way to add a filter to this? i.e. RG List of items:count <where ‘closed = no’>

Thank you!

Yes, there’s a :filter operator for Lists:

Set up your filter conditions in the dialog that appears (note the “Advanced” filter option which lets you perform more complex evaluations as well). And then you would add :count. And the number that returns will be the number of items in your filtered list.

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I must’ve scrolled past that 4 or 5 times without even considering it! One of those days… :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for your help @keith !

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