Filtering two data types via one input

Hi all!

I need some help with filtering a repeating group. I am building an art application where artists can post art and collectors can view/buy them.

I want users to be able to filter the repeating group using one input but containing of two data types.

The datatypes are: Title & Description

I want users to be able to type in a title or some word(s) that match a title/description of a piece of art.

Do you think this is possible and if so, it would be amazing to get some help with this.
Thanks in advance!

You can simply use search and autocorrect plugin for filtering multiple data fields from a single database.

@jangidrahul0494 thank you for your reply! But the plugin’s description says that it’s not reliable and can possibly bring many bugs with it. So I’m not sure it’s worth taking the risk.
I was thinking putting the title and description in a new data field ‘title+description’ but this is not best practice of course.

If the list is too long, plugins like Search & Autorrect can freeze the user’s screen. Perhaps you could use an advanced filter with two comparisons alternated by the OR operator, but again, you need to check the performance according to the searched/returned list.

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Alternative way is that you give one dropdown to select type of search(Title and description) and show search box according to the dropdown value.
For ex. : If user select search by title than the title search box will appear and if the value of the dropdown is search by description than the description search box will appear.

I found a solution.

I created a new custom state on my repeatinggroup

name = title + desc and value = text

Then a workflow: when input title+desc is not empty → set state of rg/title desc to input title+desc

And then filter the repeating group on this custom state.

It works perfectly!

Nvm, solved it with ‘Any field’ contains input value, now it works!

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