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Filtering Typeform Submissions en answers per question

Hey Guys,

I recently bought the API Bundle, which was great!

But, I’m playing with the API of Typeform myself now.

I’m trying to bundle the answers to 1 question. Let’s say this is one question for example:

And let’s say for example that someone responds with: "Google Search Engine, Ubersuggest, SERanking and “Anders” (Which means Other) and fills in “Jeasy App”

Then I want to bundle those answers per Response ID - Field ID and get the “Labels” And “Other” answers in 1 block but in separate groups.

So the problem is. I don’t know how to combine the “Label” and “Other” answers and filter them by Field-ID.

Any suggestions?

Hope you could get me 1 step further.

Thanks in advance!