Filtering using an attribute of an attribute


Explaining my app might make this easier to understand. I’m making a digital menu app. I’m using 3 types relevant to this question: Plates, Restaurants, and Zones. Each plate can only have one restaurant while restaurants can have many plates. Each restaurant can have many zones and each zone can have many restaurants. Plates aren’t directly related to zones, they are related to a restaurant that can have one or many zones.

I’ve already created a repeating group of all of a restaurant’s plates. I’ve also created a repeating group with all of the restaurants of a zone. I’m trying to create a repeating group of plates whose restaurant’s zone matches a given zone. I haven’t been able to do that.

Does anyone know how can I filter plates whose restaurant’s zone is whatever zone i.e. filtering by the attribute of an attribute? Thanks.

Do a Search for Plates:filtered then type in “Advanced” then say This Plate’s restaurant’s zone = whatever zone you want.