Filters using constraint of list of separate data

Hi everyone,

I am making filters for my app. I have a “Yacht” data which is displayed down below.

I want to have filters working through constraints alongside the categorizing. This is how it works so far:

I havent yet changed the conditionals, but the idea is to have same one as show but just sorting it by different option depending on what user chose.

My problem is that I cant figure out how to make the constraint for Yacht Regions. I need to display all Yachts whose Yacht Regions contain the selected month. This is the database:

Basically, each Yacht has a list of Yacht Availability Regions which each might have a list of Regions (option set). If at least one of those list (Yacht Availability Regions) contain lets say Canada → Yacht should be displayed.

For example:
Yacht “Shark” has 2 different Yacht Availability Regions during different dates. If at least one entry contains Canada (which it does) then the Yacht should be displayed.

Anyone knows how to do it? I really dont want it to be set as filter as that would double the conditionals to retain categorizing working.


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