Finally a responsive messaging / chat template that works 🚀

I managed it all with your help - thank you, super useful! I also removed the unread notifications when the user clicked on the notification elements and the message itself.

When I press the Tab key, the message text is sent. This is not desirable! Why does this happen, and can it be prevented?

Secondly, I would like the Enter key to send messages. Is this possible?

Thanks @d9999

Currently the message is sent when the text input field value changes. I.ey when you unfocus the field, which happens when u press tab. You can attach the workflow to an element instead. Re the enter key, i guess you would need to use a plugin

I accidentally sent messages when pressing Command Tab to switch windows, so I’ll attach the actions to an element instead. Thanks!

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Hello, I recently bought your template it is amazing! I copied it on my site no problem I solved errors etc… But do you know how I can integrate it directly into my dashboard? And not a page just for that? I’m just starting out on bubble. But I would like to add this chat in one of my groups on my already made page. Please help me

Hi! This should work exactly the same way! Let me know if you run into issues.

:warning::warning::warning: To make things easier for everyone and be able to deliver better and faster support to you, I have decided to move all support requests to Crisp. Please don’t post any support request in the forum anymore. Chances I don’t see it / things get lost are way to high. There are two ways to get in touch:

  1. Via mail:
  2. Using the chat on my website

Hi everyone, I recently took over ownership of this template from @d9999. If you have any questions you can contact and I’ll be sure to get back to you :slight_smile:


Hi! I’ve just purchased your amazing app and I have some issues installing it into a native app for my mobile version. The problem is that you use “go to page” while it is not allowed to use it in a native app. What would you suggest in this case? How can I replace this “go to page” workflow?

Thank you in advance!

i don’t think checking the ‘this is a native app’ checkbox is doing anything at this point. the current setup works well with any kind of wrapper (hybrid app).

I had to check the “this is a native app” to be able to publish it to Appstore and PlayStore :frowning:

I tried to replace “go to page” with “show element” + “display data in element”, but this doesn’t let me send Key parameters like “m” which you are using in the app setup.

That’s what I’m trying to setup to let it work inside the app (not as a separate page).

i’d recommend using custom states instead of show / hide manually

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