Finally launched our MVP - TALENTMETRIX.APP

We are excited to launch our product! Firmly believing to provide unique value for employers to test and select right candidates.

Talentmetrix is a cloud-based candidate selection service that provides an opportunity to test competencies of job applicants. Employers’​ can select from ready tests in main competencies like teamwork, time management, communication, decision making, conflict management, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, situational leadership, critical thinking.

Thank you for all Bubble community for great support in times of facing technical issues.


Website looks nice, one advice that really makes it stand out. You need to put a max width on the inner group containers so that the pages are not stretched out.



Thank you for the feedback! Definitely will make changes to inner group sizes.

Header and first block, align to left on big resolutions.

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I’m a frequent hirer and the problem you are looking to solve is compelling. I like the graphic metaphor on the opening screen on looking for stars.

I suggest you invest in a copy writer at some point. The writing errors on the opening screen will cast doubt in potential customers’ minds:
“We are here to help you build a great team.”
“Simply choose required tests from the catalogue.”
“You can invite candidates to tests, analyze their results and choose the best ones in a few clicks!”
“Talentmetrix provides all the functionality without additional costs.”

Also, the bars down the page refer to “Talentvise”.

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Thank you very much! Responsiveness setting have been adjusted.

Thank you for spending time to review the app. I implemented your suggestions.

Also picture of the man looking in the stars and icon of a bulb is low quality, header still align left.
Picture with bill gates is low quality too. Hit my dm if you will need help.

P.S. Gif in the middle is amazing

I can help you make it responsive. Pm me if you’re interested in working with me.

Thank you guys for your support! I will definitely contact you in near future.

Congrats on the launch @nshikhaliyev. :slight_smile:

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I think there is no need for html header, because it’s preloads every time before page.

Thank you for your feedback!

I agree with you but do not know how to remove it. Can you help me to remove it?

It’s very easy, click on the properties of the page and remove anything from it. Like here

you need to do it on every page if app is not native

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Following your suggestion I checked all pages. It seems that there is not any information on HTML header box.


sent me editor link (read-only)