Finance Accounting App

I am looking for an accounting application built on bubble. I searched through all of the templates and could not find any, I have a customer who has a management company and would like “custom” accounting software. Meaning they do not want an api that connects to quickbooks, has anyone built an accounting platform here that I could buy or license?

Hi @freehold2018

I have started working on a similar one and have some basic setup in place. Would be interested to know more about the specific requirements that you need and I might be able to assist you with this.

Can you please DM me the details?


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Hello guys, any news on this? Such need is also showing up to me.

Hey @vini_brito

I have a custom app built, but it’s primarily for internal use with a very targeted use-case and not specifically for use by an external company.

Although, I’ll be happy to assist you on this if required. Please DM me some details and I’ll try to assist.