Find a thing that was created longer than 1 minute ago

Hey everyone,

Anyone tips on how I can do the following?

“Every x seconds do a search for things that have been created longer than 60 seconds before current date/time and status = pending.”

I’d like to change items that have been pending for too long but can’t figure out a way to do so.

Thank you!

Edit: this is what I have at the moment - doesn’t seem to work but I’ll keep testing


Create an API Endpoint called something like “UpdateTooLongItems”.
Add an action that does whatever processing you’re looking to apply to the too long items.
Then add an action that calls the API endpoint itself with the search you currently have in the only when.
Then you just need to kick off the UpdateTooLongItems once and it will run in perpetuity.
Put the every x seconds into the scheduled date on the API endpoint call by using current date/time + 3 secs.