Find a time in a Repeating group in a range date & time


I have a question to ask about range (I already checked in the forum but I could not find an answer).

I would like to check if a time is contained in an interval. Let me explain in more detail:

I have a repetition group (called Calendario) where I have 3 rows.
Each row has its own range.
When I select a time I want to check if this time is contained in the repeat group list.

In example below I want to check that time 8.00 is contained

Schermata 2023-03-23 alle 17.53.23

How can I do it?
Because the only thing I could do was to check whether the time was included in the last item. But I want to check all the rows and not just the last or the first item.

Schermata 2023-03-23 alle 17.53.52

Thanks for any suggestions! :pray:

I found the solution with setting “filtered”!

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