FIND and EDIT a precise thing of my DB

Hello !!
I’m sorry, I’m probably going to ask an elementary class question, but I have something I haven’t been able to do for days:
I have a repeating-group that brings me the “title” field of a thing when I click.
For good measure, I also store this value in a custom state,
and then I just want to LOAD and EDIT the corresponding “thing” in the rest of my page… I can’t do it,
It seems that Bubble can’t find my recording, probably I’m not using the right method…

I’ve tried dozens of combinations using repeating group result, using custom state value…
If someone can help me, I’m sure the solution is simple but I can’t find it: how to call A DB record from ONE of its fields’value
thanks a lot !

Hi there. @jb.sockeel… if I understand your post correctly, you have a repeating group with events, and when you click on an event in the repeating group, you want to load the details of the event somewhere else on the page so the details can be edited, right? (It looks like that is what you are showing in your screenshot, but it never hurts to be sure.)

If what I described above is correct, one way could go is to have a group on the page, and set the group’s Type of content to Event. Then, when an event is clicked in the repeating group, run a workflow that includes the Display data action, and display the Current cell's Event in the group. At that point, you should have access to the event’s details in the group, and you can let the user update the details and save their changes.

Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot, I did’nt think to test this function “display data”, thinking it was only for elements but not for things
thanks ! It’s work

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