Find and Replace - use $1 as parameter in Bubble expressions?

Hi guys, many thanks to all who have posted about the new Regex/Find & Replace - I have been able to cobble together some really great functionality with it.

I do have a quick question. Is it possible to use the $1 returned by the F&R in a query?

Use case - a bit like @mentions or #hashtags, I have created database items which have a field with entries like “#item_hashtag”. The $1 is returning “#item_hashtag” perfectly, but I now want to use that so that instead of showing “#item_hashtag”, I am showing a different field from that database entry.

What I think I want to do is, in the Replace box, Do a Search For items where one of the fields = $1. When I tried that, it seems to be looking for “$1”, rather than the returned “#item_hashtag”. I can’t decide whether I’m missing a simple fix or this is in fact too complicated…

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