Find and replace`

Please I need help have been stuck for weeks ,The situation is this:

  1. I want to replace a promo code(dynamic data) input by user to convert into a specific number matching the promocode in airtable database.

    How do I get users to get a specific number matching in airtable data after they input in a find a replace.

I don’t quite get your request.

When someone enters a promo code, in lay man’s terms, what do you want to happen?

Have you already setup an API connection to Airtable?

when they enter promocode i want to get a data matching the promocode in airtable
Yes i have connected API succesfully the only issue is getting the matching data to show

Ok, in that case I don’t believe find and replace is what you need here – if I understand what you are trying to do correctly.

You probably should be querying the List Records endpoint: Airtable Web API

Then you can use one of the Query Parameters to narrow the returned data: Airtable Web API