Find index/item in data... Multiple Lines Repeating Group

Hi! I´m pretty new on Bubble and I´m breaking my head with this… I had search in the forum but couldn´t find anything.

I´ve a data with this:

Data Type Name: Votaciones

Year: text
Politico: list of users
Voto: list of text

I´m using a DropDown to choose the year and a Repeating Group to show all the votes made from 1 user. So I do:

The search brings the correct year row, the problem is that appears all the list of user and list of votes of that year. I want to show only the vote of one of this users.

The users that should appear is Gonzalez Gladys (current user) and “Afirmativo”.

The current cel text is:


Any help? Thanks!!!

I was able to print the correct votacione´s Politico´s Nombre using Filtered:

Now I need to print the vote of this current page user and not all the list of texts:


I continue to thinking about it… and maybe I´m not explaining my self correctly.

I cannot found a way to find the index of a specific row and print the others cell using item#.
The one row I want to know the index is the one that match with the current page user.

For example:
If Jhon name is in row 5, and Jhon is the current page user (not the current user) I want to know index 5. So I can print the others columns items #5.


Anyone? Please!

I’ve read through this thread a few times, and I’m still not sure what you’re asking for here. Can you give a real example of what you want it to be, compared to what is actually happening?

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Sorry for the delay…
I´ve got a table with people´s votes.
like this:
column1 | column2
List of user | list of votes

I´ve got a lot of users, and only a vote for each one (Afirmative or Negative)

With a dropdown I choose the user´s name, but I cannot load the vote of this user. So I need somehow to know the row index of the user in the table, so I can print it using .index# the vote.

sorry for my poor english

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I have no idea. Good luck

~~~ Good day ~~~

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