Find matching text values in two lists from API

I make two API calls that retrieve keyword data from Google to compare performance across two different periods in time (I am not saving any of this data to the DB).

Here’s a mocked up example:

What I am trying to figure out is how to calculate the rank change between the two different time periods.

I want to say, if a keyword from list A matches a keyword from list B, give me the difference in rank and if there is no matching keyword in list B return the keyword from list A (without any rank change, because there isn’t one).

I can get this to work when I’m doing the calculation in a RG cell but I want to do the same thing outside of an RG (so I can show things like; total number of keywords up, down, unchanged, new etc.)

Hope that makes sense.

I had thought that List Shifter from @keith might hold the answer with its process list functionality (as I’m using List Shifter elsewhere in the app) but despite watching his videos a number of times (if I wanted to calculate the area of circles I’d be golden :slight_smile: ) I’m not sure it can do what I’m after

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