Find rates that are less than or contained within numeric range

I have an app where job seekers input their pay rate as a range. That range is used on a search page, where employers can search profiles based on an hourly rate maximum. I can’t seem to set up a search where the search shows all profiles whose rate ranges are less than or equal to the maximum hour rate field.

Hi there, @calicass83… you might have tried this already, but isn’t the is smaller (point) operator what you are describing here? If you add a constraint to your search where the pay rate range field is smaller (point) than the input field where the employer enters the maximum hourly rate, I would think that should do the trick. Have you tried using that operator already?


Yes, I have tried that - the search pulls all records whose range contains points that are smaller than the number. For example - if I have 4 records whose pay ranges are as follows:


I don’t want to pay more than $20, the search should produce the last 2 records, but this constraint is only producing the 3rd record of 17-19 because all points are less than 20.

Okay, so the issue is that the is smaller (point) operator is only less than and not less than or equal to. Without having the max value of the range stored in its own field, I think you would have to use an advanced filter that looks something like this.

As I’m sure you know, advanced filters return all of the items that meet the search criteria to the client (browser) before applying the filter, so this likely won’t be the most performant way to go, but I don’t know of another way with your current setup.

Yeah, I agree with Mike; nor will it be the most cost effective given the new WU pricing model.

That’s why I would suggest storing the max and min hourly rates as separate numeric values (as Mike’s response implies). Numeric ranges can always be created “on the fly” if one needs to leverage the relevant expression operators.