Find & replace on a list


I have a Data Type User that has some fields:

  1. name (type text)
  2. email (type text)
  3. phone (type text)

And I have an OS (option set) called Code names, where it only has one attribute, and it looks like this:

  1. {USER_NAME}

The app allows users to send emails to other users. They can write the email content on a RTE (Rich Text Editor).

When users want to insert a user’s name in the email (dynamic data), they can use the code {USER_NAME}. And in the send email action, I add three find & replace. One for {USER_NAME} to a user’s name (dynamic data), another one for {USER_EMAIL} and another one for {USER_PHONE}.

Here is the thing.

The OS of Code names will be longer in the future, so inserting many find & replace actions in many workflows will be a nightmare. And to clarify, it’s only for display purposes, not for saving anything in the database

My question is, is there a way to find & replace on a list?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

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On the client side, Floppy will do this. Eventually you’ll be able to do that on the backend too but I’m waiting a bit before creating server-side breakouts of the Floppy functions.

Don’t see a way to do this except for a plugin like this one maybe (I haven’t tested it) Bulk Find & Replace Plugin | Bubble

I did have a similar use case in the past and just went with a bunch of find&replace operations. Using a regex pattern could be an option if your requirement permits as well.

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