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Find RG filters thats inside RG group

Hi! I earlier successfully created an RG group with dropdowns and search filters, but then my Title header section with filters was outside just above the RG. To tackle responsiveness challenges with Bubble tables, I followed a guide and put the title header section within the RG, visible only on row 1, but when I try to activate the filters by adding Contraints to the RG data source, just like I did before, I cant find any of that filter input content, nested inside the RG in several new groups… !? Im a newbie so guess/hoping theres an easy fix to this :slight_smile: Since I can choose Data source in my sub groups I tried doing that, but it wont allow me… it says my source needs to be an single item and not a list… Im a bit confused with the whole thing of having and RG with a lot content/groups inside it, just for structuring purposes… and all the sub groups can also have data sources etc, even when its just “structuring groups”… Much thanks for help!

Managed to put my table title header outside the RG, just above it with the same grouping structure, and now I find the filter inputs, maybe this will work just as well for the responsive design!? Still interesting to hear answers though. Then why all the guides about putting title header within the RG!?.. Thanks!

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