Find the Most Used Tags (MultiDropdown) in a Repeating Group and assign Point Values to the Top 5

I am creating an App that will help people choose what Super Hero or Movie/TV/Game Character they should Cosplay as.

To do this they enter 5 of their favorite characters and their characters are listed in a repeating group.

For each character in the repeating group they can add up to 5 Characteristics of that character that they admire. I am using the multidropdown plugin to add these characteristics to a Character field “Characteristics”. The full list of characteristics is in a separate thing titled “Characteristic”.

They can then drag and drop the repeating group items to place the characters in order from favorite to least favorite.
I already have all of that working. It’s the next step I need help figuring out:

Upon hitting submit, **I want to find out what the top 5 most repeated “Characteristic tags” are throughout the repeating group and assign a point value to the top 5. **

ex. most used would be worth 5pts, next most worth 4pts, etc.

Then I want to go into each character’s characteristics and total up how many points that character gets for having any of the top 5 tags. Then I want to display whichever character Name had the highest total.

Please Help, I have looked all over the forum, YouTube, the interactive lessons and everything and I cannot figure this piece out. Thanks!