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Finding a User in a list of Contacts

I’m trying to display Orders that are assigned to either Users or Contacts.
I’m displaying them in a repeating group.
I’ve got it to work where the Data Source of my RG is “Do a search for” with constraint Assigned to Users contains Current User because the data types match.
The thing is, I also want to return records where the Current User’s email is in the Assigned to Contacts field but I can’t use a search with a constraint that “Assigned to Contacts” contains “Current User’s email” because of a data type mismatch. Is there a way around this so that I can return records where a User’s email address appears in a non-User field?


One simple solution is to save the email of the user to an order text field when the order is created. This will make things easier to constrain/filter for.

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Many thanks for this. Great idea. Neat and simple.
Apologies for my tardy reply - took some time off.
Thanks again.

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