Finding a value in a field column and pulling data from another column in the same row

I have a gender dropdown and an age input. I have a table with table fields of age, female blood factor and male blood factor. I would like to search the age column in the table with the input age value and find a matching age and then check to see if this is a female or male and pull the female blood factor or male blood factor from the same row as the matching age. I would then like to use the blood factor in an equation, so I need to store the blood factor somewhere. How do I do this? Is this done in Workflow. Is there a video I can watch?

Hi there, @nathanehudson1… you won’t find a video that does exactly what you want, and I’m guessing you might be in the “consider taking a big step back and learning the basics of Bubble before diving in and trying to build an app” phase of your Bubble journey. That being said, what you described is pretty easy to do, and here is some info that should help.

First, I would start with creating an option set to define the gender options.

Then, add a dropdown to the page, and configure it as follows.

Next, add an input to the page for the age.


Now, for the purpose of this example, I have created a custom state at the page level called blood factor with a state type of number, and I am storing the resulting blood factor in that custom state. The way I am getting the blood factor from a data type called Blood Factor (which has the fields you described) is via a workflow that looks like this.

So, while what I am showing likely isn’t exactly what you need depending on your actual requirements, it should get you going. Oh, and if you don’t understand some of the things (which are all pretty basic) in my reply, then like I said, you should consider taking a step back and working to gain a good understanding of the fundamentals because without that understanding, you are probably going to struggle to get up what is a rather steep learning curve.

Hope this helps.


Mike, thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes, I am in a very steep learning curve. Your suggestion of using Option Sets rather than Data Types is an interesting one I will check out.

Well, I am using an option set and a data type in the example, but yes, you could likely use an option set in place of the data type.