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Finding a word in a sentence


I am trying to put different icons depending on a word in a field Status (record in a table
) in a repeated group row.
for example, if the field is rejected I want to show an alert icon
if the field is accepted I want to show a check box icon
if the field is review I want to put a different alert icon

I do not want to use multiple merge functions to do it (too heavy).

I can use multiple conditions, but it makes it so long and then complicated to maintain.
Is there a way to do it?

I tried ‘is in’ but could not type the list of static statuses.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi there, @abalgir… if I understand your post correctly, I would use an option set to define the statuses (which means you would have to create a new Status field that is tied to the option set, of course). Then, I might have three different icons in the repeating group, and I would user conditionals to show the appropriate one based on the value of the Status field or I would just have one icon and use conditionals to change it based upon the value. Bottom line… you’re going to have to use conditionals in some way in order to do what you have described.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, Mike,
I wanted to avoid having to repeat the conditions. Let me explain myself better.
I have records that have a Status field. Status that is: Rejected, Review, Locked have the same icon
Status that is: Accepted or Delivered has 2 different icons.
I have multiple status that use same icons.
My idea was to find a way to say: if Status in in “Reject”, “Review” then use this icon
Right now, the only way is to create a condition for each status, and I have around 20…

I tried "Contains keyword " feature but did not succeed.
I hope this clarify my point.

So, coming back to the Option set suggestion, I did not understand what it means here?

If you aren’t familiar with option sets, read up on them because I would definitely use one in this case.

I’m thinking you can use an option set to define all of the statuses, and I would add an attribute to the set that is a number. Then, I would set the attribute for each status that is supposed to display the same icon to the same number. At that point, you can key off of the status’ attribute in order to show the appropriate icon, and you would only have to create one condition regardless of how many statuses the icon applies to because all of those statuses will have the same number for their attribute.

So, the condition would be something like when the current cell’s whatever’s status’s attribute is 1, display a particular icon. With a condition like that, every status with an attribute of 1 will display the same icon, and you accomplished that with one simple condition.

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