Finding and displaying data in a form

Hello Forumers,

I cannot seem to figure out how to display the data I want in the form I created.

I have two custom data types say:

LOCATIONS (custom data type)
fields:name,location,phone number

DETAILS (custom data type)
fields: serial number,location, model number

I have a dropdown menu that when a LOCATION (custom data type) is chosen it displays in an input, some fields name,location,phone number.

now we are trying to access all this locations information based on its “locations match”(field types), in the other custom data type (DETAILS).

I have tried to do a search for, and I get notices about it being a list and it should be a single thing? and many,many other workflow options, conditions, etc that I won’t list here, I feel like I am rambling already.

Anyone understand what I am saying?

Do you mean that you have a dropdown that shows all saved LOCATIONS, and when the user picks one, you want the details saved to that location to become visible in a form?

In that case, what you can do is put the fields that you want to show the saved information, inside a group, In the Group setting’s Type of Content, you set LOCATION, and in the DATA SOURCE you set Dropdown Location’s Value Then, as the user picks a LOCATION in the dropdown, the group’s content changes.

See this example, to confirm if that was what you meant to do:

screencast 2017-11-15 22-43-59

Hey Petter,

Thank you for responding.

Yes that is what I mean, only thing is drop down data type is of say SERVICE LOCATIONS and the group showing the form should be of DETAILS right? And then connect the two because they have matched their location(field types)?

Oops all the details are saved to DETAILS not LOCATIONS.

Also imagine your example and you pick a option and it displays location and name of place is there, now you click on a button to display some other data based on the location that is showing in the group but the data is coming from DETAILS based on they have matching locations in their field type.

As long as two datatypes are connected by one containing the other (or both containing each other), you can always reference the Data type`s Data type, if that makes sense.

I don’t completely understand how you want your set up, so I’ll give you a more general example instead:

I have two data types: CLUB and MEMBER.

One member can belong to one club, and one club can have many members. It would look like this:

Name (text)
Members (list of Members)

Name (text)
Club (Club)

Finding the club based on the member
In this way, if I have a dropdown with MEMBERS, I can always use the value in the dropdown to reference the member`s club, by referencing: Dropdown Member’s Value’s Club. This would return ONE club.

Finding members based on the club
To go the other way, and have the CLUB in a dropdown, I would reference it with Dropdown Clubs Values Members. This would return a list of all the members in the chosen club, as the data type is specified as a list. Note that even if it only has one member, it’s still technically a list.

Singling out one member in a list
If you use the Do A Search For function, you will always be returned a list, even if it’s a list of one. To reference the first hit in that list, use the :first item function. With the right filters, you can usually single it down to the one you are looking for.

Hope that helps!

Exactly singling out one member in a list is where I need to be my terminology is still limited which makes it tough to ask questions.

But you nailed it! Now I just have to experiment with that.

I got it to work with a workflow that changed the dropdown to a DETAILS choice source but that seemed like a long way of doing it.:grinning:

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One more question if I may, do lists have to be displayed in repeating groups?

Because I have inputs and text boxes for my display spots in one big group like a form.

I cannot get this to work for the life of me really getting frustrated.

AC DETAILS is a custom data type and field type for SERVICE LOCATION DETAILS.