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Finding consecutive values in range

Hi Everyone,

I’m needing a quick hand with something. I’m putting together an automatic seating assigner that will select consecutive seats in a row. Heres my set up:

  • In the database I’ve created a table (SEATING) with entries for each row value (Row B Seats 18-34, Row B Seats 37-43).
  • I input the total number of guests into a field (eg 3 guests or 6 guests)
  • On button click a data entry is created in ORDER with a range of assigned seats.

What I need to happen is the workflow to search the SEATING table for an entry of number range that contains the guest count. EG:

Order guest count is 4
Row B Seats 18-34 has 16 seats
Row B Seats 37-43 has 6 seats
Row C seats 1-20 has 20 seats

First match would be ROW B as 18-34 contain 4 consecutive seats, ORDER db entry created would be ROW B SEATS 18,19,20,21 - workflow would change SEATING Row B Seats 18-34 to 22-34 as the first 4 seats are now assigned.

The next order is for 13 GUESTS so the first & second ROW B is not a match as there aren’t 13 consecutive seats available. The match would be ROW C.

The next order is for 5 seats so the first ROW B would be a match as it has 12 seats remaining and so on.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?


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