Finding "do a search for"

Is there an easy way to find where in my app I have “do a search for”?

There are probably lost of places in my app where I have done multiple search for data, whether this be conditional statements or actions or all kinds of things.

Given these all take up WUs I want to search my app for all the places I’ve done redundant searches that could leverage another search, etc.

Is there ay way I can find these without haing to trawl through element by element, condition by condition, etc. etc. etc.?


But, bear in mind…

Just because you’ve used ‘Do a search for’, doesn’t actually mean that a new search is being done every time you use it.

If you use the same search multiple times on a page (or a search that is a subset of data already loaded), no additional search will be done.

Awesome, thank you!

That was my understanding originally as well, but I thought after the whole WU thing, I might have gotten it wrong.

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Well - that’s supposed to be the case, but I’ve found instances where one search is done (according to network tab) yet WU is charged multiple times :confused: .

Yeah… I still don’t trust Bubble’s WU calculations at all.