Finding MAX within DataType Fields

I have a Jungian quiz, finally have all of the answers calculating properly… However, I need to find the MAX value. I have it summing the 72 questions into the proper 12 archetypes, however, once inside the archetype fields, I am having difficulty finding which of the twelve contains the largest value. The image below may help clarify my ramblings a bit. Each of the Archetypes (Caregiver, Fool, Sage, etm) are a field. Each holds one number, that number is the sum of 6 questions each. But how do I find which field contains the highest number?

Hi there, @justin.guy… an idea (and maybe not a good one) that comes to mind is to have another field that is a list of numbers, run a workflow that puts the number from each Archetype into the list, sort the list in descending order, and grab the first item in the list. True, there would be an issue if two or more Archetypes have the same number and that number is the the max number, but you already have to solve that issue regardless of the solution, so it doesn’t necessarily make my idea any worse.

Anyway, just food for thought here, and I hope it helps.


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Thanks, Mike. I made a minor workaround. I took a drop down, and instead of showing all of them, I just let the user choose what they want to look at, and the score when they do.

This is taking the Jungian archetypes and applying D&D classes to them. It’s the beginning step to a much longer process falls over

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